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The Agency of the State of Employment (hereinafter - the Agency) shall, at the request of the employer in cooperation with the educational establishment, prepare the specialists necessary for the employer by training in any licensed vocational education programme, non-formal education programme, the training of drivers of vehicles and tractor engineering in the training programme.

Training shall be organised and financed by the Agency at the request of the employer. For the unemployed, a grant of EUR 5.00 per training day is provided for the duration of training. If the place of implementation of the training is more than 15 km from the place of life declared by the unemployed person, the unemployed person may apply for a mobility allowance at the branch of the Agency.

The procedures for the costs, granting of unemployment grants and the payment of the mobility allowance are specified in Cabinet Regulation No. 75, Regulations regarding the procedures for the organisation and financing of active employment measures and preventive measures for the reduction of unemployment and the principles for the selection of measures implementing measures.

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Process description

  1. Description of the cooperation process
    1. The employer shall submit a written request to the branch of the Agency for the organisation of training;
    2. Where necessary, the Agency shall organise a statement of advertising and shall invite the educational establishments to submit applications for the implementation of the programme in question;
    3. The branch of the Agency shall organise the selection of unemployed persons together with the employer;
    4. The Agency shall organise the training and enter into a contract with the employer regarding the implementation of the training. The training process for the unemployed lasts from one to eight months, in addition to the training programme applied for;
    5. The employer shall enter into an employment contract with the unemployed person within two weeks after completing the training. Employed in the acquired profession for at least 3 months. The employer shall pay the minimum wage specified in the application, but not less than the minimum wage;
    6. If the unemployed person is not recruited without a justifiable reason after completion of the training, the employer shall reimburse the Agency the financial resources used to cover the costs of training.

  2. Employer benefits
    1. The employer shall participate in the selection of unemployed persons and select applicants who meet their requirements for training.
    2. The employer, in cooperation with the Agency, shall choose, independently or on a proposal from the Agency, the educational institution which will carry out the training.
    3. The employer has the possibility, in cooperation with the educational institution, to develop a new education programme corresponding to the specific characteristics of the undertaking.
    4. During the acquisition of vocational training programmes, the employer may provide the unemployed with the qualification practices specified in the programme, the necessary skills for acquiring at the specific workplace.
    5. The Agency shall cover all training costs.
    6. The employer shall acquire qualified employees prepared for the specific characteristics of the company.

    For a more detailed description of the event, the necessary documentation can be found on our website.

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