Students will be able to register electronically from May 2023 by filling in the application form on the website of the National Employment Agency.

Your application will need to include details of the region where you want to work. However, it should be remembered that registering a student does not guarantee participation in the event, as the number of state-funded jobs is limited and previous years have shown that the number of registered students exceeds the number of jobs on offer.

Measure "Employment measures during the summer holidays for persons in general, special or vocational education"

Purpose of the measure:

Promote short-term employment for students during the summer holidays in publicly-funded workplaces, giving them the opportunity to acquire skills, competences and experience.


Students aged 15 to 20 (inclusive) studying in general, special or vocational education institutions.

When is the measure implemented?

The measure is implemented during the school summer holidays from 1 June to 31 August.  The student participates for one month, in some cases for up to two months.

Where can I work?

The rules for organising the event mean that the student can agree with a specific employer on the place and time of work before registering for the event. If the student has not made an agreement with any employer, he/she will be informed by phone or email in the order of application registration about the possibility to apply for the vacancies.

You will receive an invitation to come to an SEA branch before you start your participation. When you arrive at the SEA branch, you will need to present:

  • Proof of identity (passport or identity card);
  • If under 18, a doctor's certificate of medical examination (the doctor's certificate must be submitted to the employer at the start of the employment relationship);
  • For disabled students, a note from their family doctor or doctor stating which work duties are prohibited.

How much can I earn?

As agreed in the employment contract, but at least the national minimum wage for full-time work per month, provided that a student aged 15-18 is employed for a maximum of 7 hours per day and a maximum of 35 hours per week, and a student aged 18-20 (inclusive) is employed for 8 hours per day and 40 hours per week.

The employer will provide a supervisor during working hours and, in the cases provided for in the legislation, paid compulsory health checks.

The SEA insures participants against accidents at work.

It's important to know your rights and responsibilities and those of your employer when working.