The SEA invites the employers to train the staff necessary for their companies with the Agency’s support.

The SEA trains unemployed persons according to the needs of the company:

  • In any licensed vocational development or further education program.
  • Informal training programs.

1. SEA organises training of unemployed persons if the employer submits a written request for organisation of training to the SEA;

  • Request for organisation of further education or vocational development program.
  • Request for implementation of an informal education program.    

2. SEA signs a respective agreement with the employer:

  • contract with the employer on implementation of a further professional education or vocational development of the unemployed;
  • contract with the employer on participation of unemployed persons in informal educational programs.

3. The employer obliges to hire the unemployed person after the completion of training and employ in the respective profession for a period of at least six months.
4. If the unemployed person after completing the training is not hired without a justified reason, the employer refunds to SEA the financial resources used for covering the training costs.

Gains of the employer:
1. The employer participates in selection of unemployed persons for training and chooses candidates complying with the employer’s requirements.
2. The employer selects an educational establishment where the training will be performed. The selection is made independently in cooperation with SEA or from institutions proposed by SEA. The employer makes the selection independently with assistance of SEA or selects an educational establishment Selection is done either by the employer or
3. The employer has a possibility to develop a new training program suitable for the needs of the particular company in cooperation with the educational establishment.
4. During the Professional further education program the employer may provide the traineeship as a part of the training program in order to learn the necessary skills at work.
5. The SEA covers all costs related to training.
6. The employer obtains qualified staff trained for work in the particular enterprise.