Summary of the project „Support to the education of unemployed people” No.

Objective of the measure: to provide support for the youth to work for public interest, thereby contributing the provision of functions set out in statutory documents of associations and foundations which focus on the promotion of youth in activities for public interest, without economic activity for commercial purposes, which can be classified as non-profit business support.

Target group of the measure:

  • a young, unemployed person aged between 18 and 29 years (including), who is not a full-time student according to the Law on Higher Education and has registered to the State Employment Agency (hereinafter – the Agency) as unemployed;
  • can be found in the accounts of the Agency branch in the administrative territory of which the event will be organized;
  • has expressed their desire to participate in the Measure, and their desire has been registered in the Information system;
  • corresponds to the expectations set by the association or foundation in regard to the work experience and education of the unemployed person;
  • re-engagement of an unemployed in the Measure takes place not earlier than 12 months after completing the previous membership.

The period of involvement in the Measure is up to six months.

When signing an agreement with the association or foundation, the Agency shall ensure that the contract includes the following obligations:

  • to sign an agreement with the unemployed person of the target group on participation in the Measure;
  • to employ the unemployed of the target group in the association or foundation five days per week for at least 4 hours and not more than 8 hours per day according to the schedule stipulated in the contract that has been signed with the unemployed youth.

The financial resources provided for the Measure will be used for:

  • Monthly scholarship of the unemployed youth of 5,00€ for each day of involvement;
  • accident insurance expenses.
  • Agreement on participation of the youth.

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