Job-seeker's rights:

  • a person has the right to participate in measures/activities to increase competitiveness and job search support provided by the State Employment Agency [Nodarbinātības valsts aģentūra] (hereinafter referred to as SEA);
  • the right to receive information on job vacancies and related qualification and other requirements;
  • the right to receive career counselling.

Job-seeker's obligations:

  • the obligation to actively look for work independently and with the help of the SEA 
    • We recommend the person to indicate job search in the job search diary:
    • At the time specified by the SEA, but not later than after three months from the last day of visits, the person shall be obliged to come to the SEA and present the documents specified in regulatory enactments;
    • the obligation to participate in measures/activities to increase competitiveness, for which a written agreement has been concluded with the SEA, as well as in job search support measures/activities.
    • within one working day, the person is obliged to notify the SEA that he/she no longer meets the criteria for obtaining the status of a job seeker specified in the Unemployed and Jobseeker Support Act
      • the person has initiated employment (is considered to be an employee or self - employed according to the law On state social insurance);
      • the person has become incapable of work – a 100 per cent loss of ability to work has been determined;
      • the person has commenced or resumed the acquisition of education in a primary or secondary education program in person; 
      • the person has commenced or resumed commercial activity in accordance with regulatory enactments.

    Failure to appear before the SEA shall be considered justified if:

    • the job seeker has experienced temporary incapacity for work;
    • the job-seeker is caring for a sick child;
    • on the basis of a summons, the job-seeker is required to arrive at an inquiry institution, prosecutor's office or court;
    • the reason is the death of a first-degree relative or spouse, and if the date of the visit to the State Employment Agency (SEA) is determined earlier than the seventh day after the date of death of such relative or spouse;
    • in cases where there are other objective circumstances beyond the control of the job-seeker.
    • The job-seeker must arrive at the SEA on the first working day after the expiry of the above-mentioned justifying reasons, presenting a document confirming the justifying reasons.
    1. Acquiring the status of an unemployed person;
    2. acquisition of the status of an employed or self-employed person in accordance with the law On national social insurance, except for the acquisition of this status twice in a 12-month period for a total period not exceeding 60 days, if notified to the State Employment Agency [Nodarbinātības valsts aģentūra] (SEA);
    3. failure to perform the duties of a job-seeker without a justifiable reason;
    4. providing false information for the purpose of obtaining and maintaining job-seeker status;
    5. moving to permanent residence outside the European Union, unless otherwise provided by international agreements binding on the Republic of Latvia;
    6. one hundred percent loss of ability to work;
    7. reinstatement in employment by a court decision;
    8. renunciation of the status of a job seeker by submitting a relevant notification to the State Employment Agency;
    9. death of the job-seeker;
    10. full-time enrollment in a basic education program;
    11. non-compliance of the person with the criteria referred to in Article 2 , Part 2 of the Unemployed and Jobseeker Support Act.
    12. cases where three continuous months have elapsed since the person holding the European Union Blue Card, has lost the status of an employee;
    13. cases where a person who is a holder of a European Union Blue Card has lost the status of an employee more than once.