Only a merchant, which has received a licence issued by the State Employment Agency (NVA) for rendering of job placement services is entitled to offer job placement services (consultations regarding job placement, information on the vacant workplaces, job placement or other employment-promoting services).

Licence for rendering of job placement services is necessary also if free of charge job placement services is offered.

If you are a job seeker and you want to find a job via providers of job placement services:

  • Request the service provider to present a licence issued by the NVA;
  • Read carefully all the agreements and find out all the provisions before conclusion;
  • Find information on labour rights, duties, wage and number of working hours;
  • Make sure that a place of residence is guaranteed, if you are going to work abroad;
  • Be sure that the level of knowledge of the official language  of the particular country is sufficient to do the work;
  • Contact the employer and clarify, whether the employer is informed about your arrival;
  • If you are going to work abroad, provide yourself with the subsistence level at least for the first weeks (it is advisable to use the international payment cards instead of cash);
  • Remember that the provider of the job placement service (licence holder) is obligated to introduce you to the employment contract (which will be concluded with the employer) and its conformity thereof with the requirements of laws and regulations of the Republic of Latvia or the foreign state, as well as to all agreements concluded between the licence holder and its cooperation partners;
  • Take into account, that an agreement on rendering of job placement services will be concluded between you and the licence holder, however it is not an employment contract;
  • Find the information on the employment opportunities and the working and living conditions in EU countries (!

Only merchants who have received a licence from the Ministry of Transport are allowed to engage in job placement of persons on ships. List of merchants licensed by the Ministry of Transport is available on the home page of the Maritime Administration of Latvia.