State Employment Agency organizes and implements measure “Support measures for the unemployed with addiction problems”. The aim of the measure is to facilitate social integration of the unemployed and imoprove their ability to find suitable jobs, thus minimizing risks of social exclusion.

Who can participate?

Unemployed persons diagnosed with (or suspected to have) alcohol, narcotic or psychotropic drug addiction.

Support measures:

  1. Minnesota 12 step program, which requires the unemployed person to communicate and actively take part in the support measure.
  2. Emotional stress therapy (coding), which involves narcologist's consultationspsychotherapy, suggestion therapy and drug therapy.
  3. Formal diagnosis by a narcologist for persons who yet don't have it, but are suspected to have addiction problems

The unemployed are provided with transportation service to health care institution and back.

How to participate?

  1. Visit your local SEA branch and express a wish to get involved
  2. Select a health care institution and agree on the date to start your treatment
  3. Receive Individual job seeking plan from SEA employee
  4. On the date the treatment is to start go to the health care institution, bringing along documents needed