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Registration procedures and residence permits


Arrival in Latvia

Citizens of European Union (EU) Member States or of European Economic Area (EEA) countries and Switzerland and members of their families who have been issued a valid Community citizen or family member residence permit in an EU Member State have the right to enter Latvia if they have a valid travel document.   The above-mentioned persons have the right to remain in Latvia without registering residence within a three-month period, starting from the first day of entry.

Third-country citizens, who enter Latvia together with a family member who is a EU citizen, do not need a visa if they have a valid residence permit in another EU country. If they do not have such permit they have a right to receive a visa as soon as possible by applying for it in the embassy of Latvia in their host country. A valid travel document and a document that proves family bonds with the EU citizen are necessary to apply for a visa. 


Work in Latvia


In order to work in Latvia, a citizen of an EU/EEA country and Switzerland or members of family do not require a work permit and have free access to the labour market in Latvia. When an individual starts work in Latvia, the employer registers the employee in the State Revenue Service as a tax-payer and procure a tax-payer number.

Citizens of non EU/EEA countries need a work permit for legal employment  in Latvia. Work permits are issued by the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs on the basis of visa or residence permits. In most cases, if employers intend to employ a foreign national, they must register a job vacancy with the State Employment Agency (SEA) at least one month before applying to the SEA for approval of invitations for visas or sponsorship for residence permits. Foreign nationals must receive separate work permits if they will work for more than one employer or in several positions. Where the employment of foreign nationals relates to short-term stays in Latvia that do not exceed 90 days in a six-month period, work permits can be issued in accordance with the validity of visas. Information:

A procedure for recognizing professional qualification is available if a person wishes to work in a regulated profession in Latvia. A list of regulated professions and additional information can be found in the webpage of the Centre of Academic Information:

If an EU citizen or their family member wishes to receive assistance in finding a job or want to export their unemployment benefit to Latvia (with U2 document issued by the previous EU country of residence), they have to register in any affiliate of the State Employment Agency.


Staying in Latvia


If you find a permanent place of residence in Latvia, you must declare your place of residence to the local council or the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs.   If a citizen of an EU/EEA country or Switzerland or members of family wishes to stay in Latvia for longer than a three-month period starting from the first day of entry, they have to register the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs to receive a residence registration certificate. To receive the registration certificate EU citizen must be employed, self-employed or a student in Latvia, have financial means to sustain themselves and a document from another EU country that assesses rights to receive emergency medical assistance in Latvia (for example EHIC card). Third country citizens can reside in Latvia together with an EU citizen who is a family member. They receive a residence permit for an EU citizen family member.

A citizen of the EU can stay in Latvia for longer than three months without registering if they have an intention and credible chance at finding a job, or if they are employed in Latvia, but live in a different EU country where they return at least once a week, or if they study in Latvia and plan to reside for a maximum of one year.

If a citizen of an EU/EEA country or Switzerland has been continuously residing in Latvia for 5 years, he or she is entitled to request a permanent residence certificate. If a person does not have the citizenship of an EU/EEA state or Switzerland, they are entitled to apply for the status of a permanent resident of the European Community in Latvia after staying in Latvia for a period of five years.   Additional information is available on the homepage of the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs:



Do remember to take following documents with you:

- personal identification documents (passport, identification card),
- CV (curriculum vitae) translated in Latvian,
- education documents, recommendation letters,
- several copies of personal documents,
- certificates of marriage and children birth if you have such,
- several photos of yourself (3x4 cm standard document size) 
- your working contract or job invitation,
- creditcards,

EHIC card from your last country of residence and employment or other health insurance,

EU forms for social security rights issued by the country of your last employment.