Unemployed persons can register in any Local Employment Office of SEA regardless of the declared address. 

The status of unemployed can be registered online using CV and vacancies portal https://cvvp.nva.gov.lv/:

  1. Go to  https://cvvp.nva.gov.lv;
  2. Log in with latvija.lv (using your bank account information or electronic sinature e-paraksts);
  3. Select "Pieteikšanās bezdarbnieka vai darba meklētāja statusam" (applying to status of unemployed or job seeker);
  4. Select "Pieteikties bezdarbnieka statusam" (applying to status of unemployed) and choose the branch of SEA you want to be served by;
  5. Download and fill out application for status of the unemployed (signature is not neccesary);
  6. Upload your application in MS Word compatible format and click the button to send it to SEA.

You can also register by submitting application using latvija.lv e-service "application to institution".

People eligible for acquiring the status of an unemployed person after registering with SEA are:

  • unemployed (not considered an employee or a self-employed person in compliance with the Law on State Social Insurance);
  • seeking job;
  • able to work and ready to become employed immediately;
  • at least 15 years old;
  • below the age that gives the right to receive the State old age pension, or have not been granted the pension (including early retirement);
  • not admitted to a full-time primary or secondary education programme;
  • not performing commercial activities, or whose commercial activities have been suspended in compliance with the normative acts;
  • not in custody, and do not receive long-term social care or social rehabilitation services under State or municipality support.

Within the meaning of the law, able to work unemployed or job seekers include people who are diagnosed with disability except in cases where the State Medical Commission for the Assessment of Health Condition and Working Ability has established 100 per cent loss of working ability.

If the person complies with the aforementioned criteria and has presented the required documents, SEA makes the decision on granting the status of an unemployed person within one working day.

To register as an unemployed person, the following document must be presented:

  • identity document (passport, ID card, or a travel document);
  • document that confirms the right to reside in Latvia (if such document is required according to the normative acts regulating the foreigner residence in the Republic of Latvia).