The aim of the Measure “Practical training with the employer” (hereafter – Practical training): train an employee required by the employer by organizing practical training with the employer.

Practical training target audience: unemployed persons registered with SEA that have expressed the wish to participate in Practical training and comply with the following conditions:

  • not involved in other measure organized by the Agency;
  • has not been employed by the particular employer at least 12 months before participating in the Practical training;
  • has completed the previous Practical training (including practical training in priority industries) at least two years ago, however, in case when the Practical training was interrupted by reasons not dependent on the unemployed person and thus only lasted less than half of the planned participation time, this restriction does not apply;
  • during the previous Practical training (including practical training in priority industries) has not acquired the same competence as on this Practical training;
  • suits the qualification specified by employer;
  • has compensated the training cost and received grant to SEA if the participation in training was ceased without a justifiable reason.

The unemployed person may receive a financial aid up to 150€ per month for regional mobility support – to compensate the transportation costs to regularly commute from the declared place of residence to the Practical training place and back, and to compensate the costs for the rent or hostel if:

  • Practical training place is located no closer than 15 km from the Employee’s declared place of residence;
  • unemployed person has lived in the declared place of residence at least six months.

Practical training can be provided by:

  • Companies (except for health care institutions and educational institutions, the main function of which is providing educational programmes);
  • Self-employed persons;
  • Associations or foundations (except for political parties).

Main conditions:

  • the unemployed person takes part in the measure for at least 6 months of training, concluding an employment contract, and additionally at least 3 months of working for the employer;
  • The training is not organized for unskilled or low-skilled jobs (simple professions listed in group 9 of the Profession classificator);
  • The training is intended for acquiring skills that meet requirements for first, second or third level of professional qualification;
  • the employer provides a newly created job (the position has been just created or has been vacant for at least for 4 months before the beginning of the measure and the trainee has not worked for the employer at least for the 12 months before start of the practical training).

SEA provides de minimis support for the employer carrying out the practical training:

  1. subsidy for unemployed person's salary for full time work proportionally to days they have worked in a month:
    • 200€ for the first three months;
    • 150€ for the last three months.
  2. subsidy covering state social insurance costs for the subsidized part of salary, provided that the number of the unemployed is less than 50% of all employees, if the employer is an association or a foundation the main function of which is providing support for disabled persons and which employs unemployed persons as assistants for disabled persons, sign language translators, teachers of hobby classes, special education teachers or another profession listed in Cabinet Regulations No. 75;
  3. subsidy for salary of the work manager training the unemployed covering 50% of salary for each such person. One manager can train no more than two unemployed persons;
  4. Coverage of costs of medical examinations that are required by law for carrying out the job of up to 30€;
  5. One time subsidy for individual protective gear, if required by law for carrying out the job, of no more than 100€;
  6. One time subsidy for adapting the workspace for a disabled unemployed person of no more than 1000€ for one workspace;

Employer provides the unemployed person participating in Practical training with:

  • salary specified in application that is at leas the minimum wage. Subsidy for salary is included in this sum;
  • mandatory State social insurance contributions;
  • Training to acquire professional skills by organizing theoretical and practical training;
  • qualified work manager that assists the unemployed person in acquiring the professional abilities, skills and knowledge; one work manager can supervise no more than two unemployed persons. A person is considered a qualified work manager if it has an education or more than two years of experience in the respective profession for which the training is organized;
  • A certificate for completion of the practical training.

How can an unemployed person get involved in the practical training?

  1. When registering at SEA branch the unemployed person should express wish to take part in practical training;
  2. The SEA branch in cooperation with employers selects unemployed persons meeting employer's requirements;
  3. After selection SEA branch issues referral on basis of which the employer concludes employment agreement with the unemployed person.