Measures to Increase Competitiveness (MIC) are targeted toward promoting the competitiveness of the unemployed, job seekers and people at risk of unemployment in the labour market.

As part of ESF project “Support for Unemployed Training” two e-learning modules (in Latvian) have been produced for the clients:

  • For developing financial skills of inhabitants of Latvia e-learning module “My money today and tomorrow. Financial skills”.
    The aim of the e-learning module is to develop understanding about family budget and managing personal finances, taxes and the relationship between paying taxes and being able to receive social benefits;
  • E-learning module “Writing a cover letter and preparing for a job interview”.
    The e-learning module contains theoretical information and audio-visual materials (images, videos etc.) and self-assessment tests.

E-learning modules are available on website, which requires signing in trough e-government service


MIC include individual consultations and group lessons (courses, seminars, lectures) for psychological support, acquiring job seeking methods and the basic abilities and skills demanded in labour market.


  • Official language (Latvian) – 36 acad. h
  • Business writing – 16 acad. h
  • Overcoming psychological barriers for foreigners while learning official language – 16 acad. h
  • E-service skills – 16 acad. h
  • Creating personal website – 16 acad. h
  • Learning advice – 24 acad. h
  • Conversing and argumentation – 16 acad. h
  • Public speaking – 16 acad. h
  • Raising self-confidence, recognizing your individuality, self-presentation – 24 acad. h
  • Business activities (SIA, micro-enterprise, self-employment etc.) – 24 acad. h
  • Accounting and taxation in business – 24 acad. h
  • Project management – 16 acad. h
  • Legal foundation and basic accounting principles for the self-employed – 16 acad. h
  • Basics of business plan development – 16 acad. h
  • Basic computer and online skills – 16 acad. h

Seminars (8 academic hours):

  • Household and family budget planning, information on accumulating savings
  • The importance of learning motivation
  • Finding employment efficiently – overcoming psychological barriers, job seeking, offer evaluation, entering work relationship
  • Rights and opportunities in Latvian labour market for people with disabilities
  • Writing resume and letter of application, using the vacancy portal (including video resume)
  • Preparing for a job interview
  • Job seeking in regions with low population, including – activating social network for employment seeking
  • Working in changing conditions
  • The impact of long-term unemployment on labour market competitiveness and the amount of State guaranteed pension
  • Developing communication skills solving communication issues
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Employment rights
  • Basics of administrative procedure
  • Youth opportunities in labour market
  • Setting and reaching the right goals
  • Work relations in cross-cultural environment

Lectures (5 academic hours):

  • Social rights
  • Workplace safety
  • The functions and objectives of State and municipality institutions, the rights and obligations of private persons
  • Stress and how to overcome it
  • Business relationship etiquette

Individual consultations (1 academic hour):

  • Psychologist
  • Lawyer
  • Psychotherapist
  • Business plan consultant
  • Credit and taxation consultant