NVA direktore Evita Simsone un Salvadoras Republikas ārkārtējo un pilnvaroto vēstnieci Patrīciju Natāliju Godinesu-Agiljonu

On 9 February, the Director of the State Employment Agency (SEA) Evita Simsone met with H.E. Ms Patricia Nathaly Godínez Aguillón, Ambassador of the Republic of El Salvador to Sweden, Nordic countries and Baltic countries.  The Minister Counsellor at the Embassy of El Salvador in Sweden, Nordic countries and Baltic countries Iván Quezada, Deputy Director of the SEA Aiga Balode, and Senior Expert of the SEA Development and Analytical Department Toms Liekmanis participated in the meeting.

The participants were informed about the situation in the Salvadoran economy and labor market, the demographic situation in the Central American country and the country's labor mobility program, which provides support to Salvadoran nationals employed abroad. This program is of great importance to El Salvador, as 52.4% of the country's working-age population work abroad.

Director Evita Simsone briefed the Ambassador of El Salvador on the situation in the Latvian labor market, our country's experience in reducing unemployment and SEA's services to promote employment. The possibility of concluding a Memorandum of Understanding on employment issues was discussed.