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ESF project “Subsidized jobs for the unemployed” Nr. 

Temporary paid public works - active employment measures to acquire and maintain work skills through temporary paid public works in workplaces set up by local authorities, which generate social benefits.

Who implements temporary paid work?

Local government bodies (except local government commercial companies), associations or foundations.

Where temporary paid public works take place?

Temporary paid public works are carried out in places which are newly established in local government bodies (except local government commercial companies), associations or foundations or in which no other person has been employed for at least four months before the TPPW participant started to participate in the measure.

Duration of participants' involvement in the measure:

  • 4 months in a 12-month period

Participant involvement in the activity:

The SEA branch will be involved in the event:

  • according to the selection criteria set out in the municipality's binding rules, according to which participants are prioritised for participation in the measure;
  • in the order of registration of participants' preferences, unless the local government has adopted binding rules on the selection criteria for prioritising participants.

Temporary paid public work can be carried out by a person who

  • is registered as unemployed with the SEA;
  • is not receiving unemployment benefits;
  • wants to master or maintain work skills

What is the benefit for the employer?

  • Support for socially relevant work.
  • A monthly allowance of EUR 250,00 for a participant in temporary paid public works.
  • For a monthly grant of EUR 150,00 to one temporary paid community service coordinator in the municipality, to be paid in proportion to the number of working days worked.
  • Payment of the costs of health checks provided for by the legislation and regulations for participants in temporary paid public works, up to a maximum of EUR 50 per participant.