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In the latest episode of PES podcast Inga Balnanosienė, Director of the Lithuanian Public Employment Service (PES) and First Vice Chair of the PES Network looks into the challenges, innovations, and aspirations shaping the European employment sector, including the introduction of AI and the importance of effective communication.

The challenges faced by Lithuanian PES are similar to those of other European countries – an aging population, structural unemployment gaps between labour demand and labour supply. The main challenge now is proper career planning so that we can feel secure in our jobs. And continuously developing not only the skills needed today but also those required for the future.

A pivotal aspect of the conversation revolves around the future of employment services amidst the twin green and digital transitions. Ms Balnanosienė outlines the importance of adapting to evolving skill demands. For instance, Lithuania has introduced an initiative to launch regional career centres aimed at guiding individuals toward occupations aligned with future needs. Furthermore, she sheds highlights the integration of artificial intelligence, with projects like the statistical profiling system and the introduction of PES’s digital colleague "Emma," which embodies their values of being Empathetic, Polite, and Responsible in Lithuanian.

Ms Balnanosienė's leadership extends beyond her role as the First Vice Chair, as she leads the PES Network's Communications Working Group. This shared learning format allows members to develop ways for the PES Network to improve its communication activities and share strategies for reaching out to citizens.

Inga Balnanosienė was a member of the assessor team that evaluated State Employment Agency of Latvia (SEA) during the fourth cycle of Benchlearning assessments from February 27 to February 29. One of the strengths highlighted by the evaluators was SEA's openness to change and adaptability, including its willingness to change its structure, functions, strategy, and processes. Staff loyalty to the institution and effective top-down communication and organization of processes were also praised.

In her final message to the PES Network Inga Balnanosienė emphasizes the importance of becoming an even more visible, clear, and trusted network in Europe.

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