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The State Employment Agency shall implement the “Training at Employer” (Practical Training) event, the purpose of which is the practical preparation of the employee needed by the employer, by organising training with the employer.
1. For the implementation of practical training, applications may be made for: merchants, self-employed persons, as well as associations or foundations, except political parties, medical treatment institutions and educational institutions.
2. Key conditions for the implementation of practical training:
• duration of engagement - up to 4 months, by entering into a contract of employment and then continuing the legal relationship of employment for at least 3 months with the same employer. Duration of practical training adapted to the level of professional qualifications of the profession to be studied (PKL):
1. PKL for 2 months;
2. PKL for 3 months;
3. PKL for 4 months;
• do not organise non-skilled and low-skilled jobs (according to Major Group 9 of the Classification of Professions);
• includes the acquisition of professional competence corresponding to 1, 2 or 3. The professional competence of the PKL;
• the employer shall provide a newly created place of employment (the place of employment is re-created or the place of employment must be vacant for at least 4 months prior to the commencement of practical training, and the unemployed person concerned has not been employed by the employer concerned for at least 12 months prior to his or her involvement).
3. Possibility for the employer to receive:
• a monthly grant to the unemployed person's salary for the full working time, proportional to the days worked during the month, according to the profession PKL:
1. EUR 300 PKL;
2. PKL of EUR 350;
3. PKL of EUR 350.
• a grant for mandatory national social security contributions;
• a monthly grant for a job manager of EUR 10 for each day of practical training for the unemployed. One head of work may manage a job for a maximum of 2 unemployed persons;
• expenditure on the carrying out of health checks provided for in the regulatory enactments on mandatory health checks, not exceeding EUR 30;
• a one-off grant for personal protective equipment provided for by law at the time of the commencement of employment of a maximum of EUR 100;

• a one-off grant for adapting the workplace for the unemployed person with disabilities to a maximum of EUR 1000 per job.
4. The employer shall provide the unemployed person with:
• the salary of the unemployed person to the extent that, together with the grant, the unemployed person's salary reaches the salary indicated in the application, but not less than the national minimum wage;
• mandatory national social security contributions;
• acquiring professional competences by organising the necessary theoretical and practical training and providing basic knowledge of professional duties;
• a skilled job manager that helps to strengthen professional skills. A qualified employment manager shall be regarded as a person who has obtained an education or a working experience of not less than 2 years in the profession in which the practical training of the unemployed is carried out;
• the ability to carry out professional duties independently, and upon completion of the practical training, a written statement of the assessment of professional skills, skills and knowledge of the work acquired shall be issued in the form of a description.
5. The unemployed person has the possibility of receiving a financial contribution of up to EUR 150 per month to support regional mobility, where the place of practical training is more than 15 km from the place of life declared by the unemployed person, may apply for a mobility allowance.

Process description

  1. Service requests
    The unemployed person and employer expressed a desire to participate in the event for the NVA branch.

  2. Receipt of services
    The branch of the Agency shall accept the employer's application, consider and take a decision to approve or refuse the implementation of the practical training to the employer. After taking the decision, it shall be notified to the employer and, in the event of a positive response, called for participation in the selection of unemployed persons in practical training, to conclude a contract on the implementation of practical training with the employer.

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