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The purpose of the Information System is to develop opportunities for volunteering, to ensure and coordinate the exchange of information between individuals wishing to carry out voluntary work and the organisers of voluntary work, and to ensure that a person applies for voluntary work.

The platform is available to all users. It provides an opportunity to familiarise itself with the following content information and sections: spotlights; volunteer missions; active map of regions; calendar; contact details; photo, video. Registered users have the right to supplement and change the content of the home page by actively engaging in the organisation of voluntary work.

The functioning of the information system shall be provided with partners who contribute to the development of voluntary work and are responsible for the publication of volunteer missions (voluntary offers) announced in a given region.

Detailed information is available on the website

Process description

  1. Registration
    When looking at the service provided on the home page, the user chooses the type of activity that is best for himself and registers appropriately as a volunteer or organiser. The partner wrote an e-mail to indicating his readiness to take care of the development of volunteering in his region.

  2. Use your home page
    When selected, the user uses the home page options:

    Volunteers shall select areas of interest, regions, organisations, dates, and apply for voluntary missions, contact the organiser;

    Organisers shall make mission applications, communicate with approved volunteers and carry out a volunteer mission;

    The partner regularly keeps track of developments in his region, checking and validating mission applications, promoting the development of volunteering, assisting volunteers and organisers.

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