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The State Employment Agency (hereinafter - SEA) in co-operation with associations/foundations and higher education institutions (universities, academies, universities, colleges with the status of a higher education institution) shall organise a “Development of skills necessary for work” (hereinafter - the Measure) with a view to ensuring the functions referred to in the articles of associations and foundations and the academic institutions of higher education, research or administrative functions, promoting unemployment activities for the benefit of society without the intention of making a profit.

The event may take part in:
• Unemployed unemployed persons aged 18 to 29 years (including); unemployed persons with disabilities without age limit (involved for the development of occupational skills in associations/foundations);
• Unemployed unemployed persons aged 18 to 29 years (including) enrolled in the higher education institution's onsite study programme (involving the development of job skills in higher education institutions).
Main conditions of the measure:
• the duration of the involvement of participants is six or 12 months (if the measure involves an unemployed person with disabilities) by entering into a contract for the participation of the unemployed person (it is not a contract of employment, no employment relationship is established) in the measure.
• employing a member of the measure for the benefit of the public without the intention of making a profit, ensuring that the measure is aimed at achieving the functions of the implementing body and promoting the activity of the unemployed to the public;
• to employ a member of the measure for a period of five days a week of not less than four hours a day and not more than eight hours a day, drawing up a weekly timetable;
• to pay a grant to a member of the Pasākuma for the preceding month each month until the 25.dat. The amount of the grant shall be EUR 15 per day and shall be paid according to the days worked per month.
The SEA shall provide the following financial support for the implementation of the measure:
• ensure payment according to reports submitted by the higher education institution/association/foundation;
• cover expenditure on the health and life insurance of the unemployed person against accidents during the implementation of the measure;
• pay to persons with disabilities the services of a surrogate, ergotherapist and support person;
• cover expenditure on personal protective equipment for reducing THE spread OF COVID-19 to a maximum of EUR 50 per unemployed person;
• compensate the unemployed person of the NVA for the costs of carrying out health checks (not more than EUR 50), which are provided for in the regulatory enactments regarding the procedures for carrying out a mandatory health check, if it has been performed not earlier than the unemployed person has received an appointment to participate in the Measure, but not later than the time when the unemployed person is participating in the Measure;
• grants a grant of EUR 10 to the head of work for each day of running for up to two months or up to six months if the functional nature of the unemployed person's disability is a mental disorder.

Detailed information is available on the website, under “Development of the skills needed to work” - >

Process description

  1. Description of the cooperation process:
    1. The higher education institution or association/foundation has submitted an application to the branch of the NVA for the organisation of the event;
    2. The measure will be implemented in a higher education institution and, if the application is supported by a higher education institution, a list of students must be submitted to the SEA branch no later than 10 days before the conclusion of the contract. Students shall be included in the list in accordance with the procedures approved by the higher education institution or, if they have not been drawn up, in line. If the measure is implemented in an association/foundation and if the application is supported, the branch of the NVA shall organise the selection of unemployed persons together with the association/foundation;
    3. The SEA shall enter into a contract with a higher education institution or association/foundation regarding the implementation of the measure;
    4. Each month, by 10.dat, the higher education institution/association/foundation and the work manager shall submit to the SEA a report with information regarding the period of involvement of the unemployed persons involved in the Measure and the calculated grant/grant and invoice for the previous month;
    5. Following the implementation of the measure in the case of an unemployed person's request, the higher education institution or association/foundation shall draw up a written statement regarding the participation of the unemployed person in the Measure.

  2. Benefits of a higher education institution or association/foundation:
    1. The higher education institution shall itself determine the order of the list or the line for the involvement of unemployed students in the Measure. The representative of the association shall participate in the selection and participation of the unemployed in the Measure, select applicants who meet their requirements;
    2. Is an employee in a particular profession;
    3. The NVA shall cover the costs related to the costs of the grant, accident insurance, provision of surpass interpreter, ergotherapist, assistant services, costs of mandatory health inspection and the purchase of personal protective equipment in order to reduce the risk of infection of Covid - 19.

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