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If you have registered as an unemployed person or job seeker, the State Employment Agency (hereinafter the Agency) will provide support and provide you with the opportunity to increase your competitiveness, ensure that you are able to adapt to changing labour market requirements and increase the opportunity to integrate into the labour market.

You can apply for participation in non-formal education programmes if the skills so far are not in line with changing labour market requirements or if these skills are insufficient and are therefore difficult to find a job.

Main conditions for implementing the training with the coupon method:
For the unemployed and the job seeker, the programme and educational institution for the non-formal education programme “Acquisition of the official language”, “Learning of foreign languages and computers” and “Training of drivers of vehicles and tractor equipment”.

The unemployed person and the job seeker have the possibility to receive a training voucher and to participate in the acquisition of the non-formal education programme and to receive a document certifying the acquired knowledge after completing the final examination.
A grant of EUR 5.00 per training day is provided during training. If the place of implementation of the training is more than 15 km from the place of life declared by the unemployed person and the job seeker, the unemployed person and the job seeker may apply for the mobility allowance.

The procedures for the costs of training programmes, granting and costing of unemployment grants and mobility allowance are specified in Cabinet Regulation No. 75, Regulations regarding the procedures for the organisation and financing of active employment measures and preventive measures for the reduction of unemployment and the principles for the selection of measures implementing measures.

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Process description

  1. Service requests
    During a visit to the SEA, the unemployed person or job seeker expresses a desire to engage in training and to acquire the most appropriate non-formal education programme from the proposed range, the SEA employee shall register it in the SEA database. Participation in training (receive a training coupon) for unemployed persons and job seekers shall be offered in line, taking into account the sequence of registration of the training desire in the NVA database. When it comes to receiving a coupon, the employee of the branch shall invite the unemployed person or the job seeker to visit the branch of the NVA by telephone. After receiving a coupon within 10 working days, the unemployed person or job seeker shall:
    • independently choose an educational institution that implements his or her choice of non-formal education programme;
    • agree with the educational establishment on the time of commencement of training;
    • returns the coupon filled in by the educational institution at the SEA branch.

    The branch of the NVA shall then enter into a contract with the unemployed person or job seeker and the educational institution which will carry out the training.

  2. Receipt of services
    The service can be received on site.

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