In order to prevent the spead of Covid-19 status of unemployed can be applied for only remotely. 

The status of unemployed can be registered using CV and vacancies portal

  • Step 1: Go to;
  • Step 2: Log in with (using your bank account information or electronic sinature e-paraksts);
  • Step 3: Select "Pieteikšanās bezdarbnieka vai darba meklētāja statusam" (applying to status of unemployed or job seeker);
  • Step 4:  Select "Pieteikties bezdarbnieka statusam" (applying to status of unemployed) and choose the branch of SEA you want to be served by;
  • Step 5: Download and fill out application for status of the unemployed (signature is not neccesary);
  • Step 6: Upload your application in MS Word compatible format and click the button to send it to SEA.

You can also register by submitting application using e-service "application to institution".

The Status of unemployed is given if person is eligible for it in accordance with criteria outlined by law. If the person complies with the aforementioned criteria and has presented the required documents, SEA makes the decision on granting the status of an unemployed person within one working day. To avoid any misunderstandings, please, apply the day after your previous employment has officially ended. 

The unemployment benefit is granted by The State Social Insurance Agency ( and can be applied for using   e-service Please contact The State Social Insurance Agency if you have any questions regarding the unemployment benefit.

In-person meetings with registered unemployed persons are scheduled in advance. You can find the date on which meeting has been scheduled in your profile on CV and vacancies portal  or by calling SEA toll-free helpline 80200206. Please do not come to SEA in-person if you have not been invited to meeting or have symptoms of a respiratory infenction. You must arrive exactly at the time scheduled and wait to be invited inside. You are expected to keep 2 meter distance from other persons indoors, wear a mask and bring your own pen.