Anyone can lose their job. These are major changes in financial, social and psychological terms. In order to continue to live well in this period of change and to resolve the situation as quickly as possible, one should immediately apply for unemployment benefits, learn about free education and course opportunities, start looking for new job.

National regulatory authorities offer support, including financial support for business start-ups, special training programs and expert advice on finding job.

1. Registering as an unemployed person

To register as unemployed person, you should do so online or visit any branch of the State Employment Agency (SEA).
At the SEA office submit a completed application and present a personal identification document - a passport or identity card.
If you are not a national of the Republic of Latvia, a residence permit must be presented. An application for an unemployed or job seeker status can be found on the SEA website.
Electronically an application for an unemployed or job seeker status can be submitted on:

  •, using the e-service "E-application to the authority"
  • SEA self-service website, if the application is certified with a secure electronic signature.

2. Starting entrepreneurship and self-employment

Consultations and financial support

  • The State Employment Agency (SEA) offers specialist advice and financial support for unemployed people, who have educational background in entrepreneurship, in starting a business or becoming self-employed, if the experts recognize the business project developed by the unemployed as successful and viable.
  • To receive financial support, the author of the business project must be registered as an unemployed person.

3. Job Search

Labor information offices

At the SEA Job Information Offices in Riga, Daugavpils, Liepaja, Jelgava and Jekabpils you can get expert advice on employment issues and obtain information on the vacancies offered by employers. Job Information Offices also offer samples of documents for job seekers (CV, application letters, etc.).

Individual and group consultations

  • Career consultants of the SEA provide advisory support in seeking employment, and gaining professional skills and competences.
  • Career consultations are provided both for individuals and groups. It is not necessary to register as an unemployed person to get free career advice from the SEA.
  • The services offered by the SEA are tailor-made for the particular client in order to minimize his / her unemployment period.

An individual job search plan is being developed

  • It is the duty of SEA registered unemployed person to actively seek work both independently and through the SEA.
  • The SEA develops an Individual Job Search Plan together with the unemployed person. The unemployed person must actively seek work and participate in the activities in accordance with the plan. An unemployed person who fails to perform their duties or refuses suitable job offers twice will lose the status of an unemployed person and the associated benefits.

Temporary work in state-funded workplaces and support for young people

  • SEA registered unemployed people who have had trouble finding a job have an opportunity to participate in SEA employment activity, in which they are employed at state co-financed job for a certain period of time and receive remuneration for their work in order to develop their working skills.
  • To help young people in job search, career development and job experience, SEA has implemented a number of special youth guarantee events for persons aged 15 to 29.

4. Vacancies

Personalized opportunities on CV and vacancies website

  • CV and vacancy website of the State Employment Agency provides an option to create your resume as an online form and a convenient CV print out made in accordance with the Europass format. Self-adminstered tests can also be carried out on the website to explore the possibilities of finding an individual job and to participate in e-learning.
  • It is easy to find vacancies and apply for them by signing in the website. Vacancies are selected according to customer information and are sent to the e-mail.
  • A person who is registered as an unemployed person can apply for consultations with the SEA staff on the website.

Information on vacancies registered with the State Employment Agency (SEA)

  • Information on current vacancies registered with the SEA is available in all SEA offices.
  • Current vacancies are also published on the CV of the SEA and vacancies website.

5. Applying for training and education programs

The unemployed and jobseekers registered with the State Employment Agency (SEA) have the opportunity to engage in training programs:

  • Education programs of professional development. After completing the relevant program, the unemployed will pass a professional qualification exam. An unemployed person who has passed the professional qualification exam is issued a professional qualification certificate
  • Competitiveness enhancement measures. Includes individual consultations and group lessons (courses, seminars, lectures) such as project management and language courses, accounting, business correspondence, business plan design.
  • Obtaining non-formal education. Training is meant for the unemployed and job seekers whose skills do not meet the changing requirements of the labor market or are inadequate.
  • Training for retraining and qualification upgrading. Acquired professional qualification - confectioner and chef's assistant, waiter, computer system technician, logistics officer, baker, seamstress, etc.
  • Practical training with an employer. Practical training of the employer for the employee

To apply for a training program, contact your SEA office.