Occupational therapist/ergonomics therapist services

The service is available to unemployed people with disabilities prior to starting the employment or training in order to assess the suitability of the particular employment or training place. The occupational therapist/ergonomics therapist shall submit a written opinion to the agency regarding the suitability of the work/training place for the employment/training of an unemployed person with a disability after the assessment of the workplace or training place, and regarding adaptation of the workplace/training place and the necessary technical aids according to the type and severity of the functional disability of the unemployed person.

The service is available within the following measures/activity:

Services of a sign language interpreter

The service is available to the unemployed, job-seekers and persons at risk of unemployment for hearing-impaired people in order to acquire educational programs and ensure communication with other natural and legal persons within the framework of all active employment measures and preventive unemployment reduction measures which are implemented by the SEA.

Services of a support person

The service is available to the unemployed with mental disorders. The support person shall help to integrate in the workplace (participation in negotiations with the employer, support in learning and fulfilling the work tasks specified by the supervisor, communication and interaction with the employer, supervisor and colleagues, provision of psychological and motivational support), and to observe the rules of the agenda, as well as the work responsibilities.

The service is available within the following measures/activity: