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The aim is to employ unemployed people in workplaces co-financed by the State in order to help overcome the consequences of the exceptional situation on the labour market and to encourage the placement of unemployed people into permanent employment. The measure shall be implemented within the framework of the ESF project on subsidised jobs for the unemployed.

The following may apply for the implementation of the measure:
• merchants (excluding medical treatment institutions where the State or local government's share of the share capital alone or in total exceeds 50%, as well as educational establishments whose primary purpose is the implementation of educational programmes)
• self-employed
• Cooperative societies.
Duration of employment of the measure: 6 months.
Financial support to the employer:
• a grant to the unemployed person's salary of 50% of the unemployed person's salary, up to the minimum national salary;
• costs of purchasing personal protective equipment to reduce the risk of Covid-19 infection, not more than EUR 50 per unemployed person, if participation in the Measure was initiated by 30 June 2022.

During the implementation of the measure, the employer shall receive the provision of financial support from the NVA and participate in the implementation of the Measure with his OR HER PRIVATE CO-FINANCING, which shall consist of:
• the proportion of the monthly salary of unemployed persons to the extent that, together with the part of the SEA grant, the unemployed wage reaches at least the amount of the national minimum monthly salary;
• Social security contributions for the unemployed persons involved in the measure.

Additional information and documents are available on the NVA website for

Process description

  1. Registers vacancy in the SEA
    The vacancy must be registered before the date of filing of the application (but not before 12 March 2020).
    Select the unemployed person of the corresponding target group by selecting applicants with the assistance of the NVA or by mutual agreement with the unemployed person. Complete the form of the application and add the requested information.

  2. To apply
    A completed application shall be sent by post or signed with a secure electronic signature to the SEA branch in the administrative territory of which the creation of subsidized jobs is planned.

  3. Evaluation of the application
    The branch of the SEA shall perform an evaluation of employers' applications and take a decision to approve or refuse the creation of jobs subsidised to employers

  4. Answer
    The branch of the NVA shall inform the employer in writing of the decision taken and, in the case of a positive response, invite the employer to enter into a contract regarding the creation of subsidized jobs within one month from the date of the coming into force of the commission decision.