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The online training platforms open to support programmes aim to ensure that unemployed people, job seekers and workers at risk of unemployment increase their skills in line with labour market demand, in order to facilitate the faster return of unemployed people, job seekers to the labour market during the post-crisis period and to encourage better-paid and more productive work.

Process description

  1. Service requests
    Take note of the offer of open online courses platforms and select the required training programme independently or from the approved list of platforms and programmes on the NVA website:…)

  2. Processing
    An e-application for training must be completed and submitted on the NVA home page. If the platform and programme selected are accepted for the aid measure, the conclusion of a contract for participation in training shall be organised within ten working days. Training shall be carried out in accordance with the training plan laid down in the contract.

  3. Receipt of services
    During a period of fifteen days, the SEA shall compensate for training expenses if, within one month after the completion of the training programme, documents certifying the completion of training (certificate, certificate, other document) and copies of documents certifying the payment of training are submitted to the SEA