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Objective of the measure: to promote the integration of disabled workers at risk of unemployment into the labour market, placement in permanent work and sustainable employment by ensuring the creation of an equal working environment for all employees.

Support for the commencement of permanent work for disabled persons registered in the SEA:
• surpass translator service (for people with hearing disabilities);
• support for personal services (for persons with mental disabilities);
• counselling for the assessment of the workplace.

Support to the employer at the beginning of employment of a disabled person registered at the SEA for an indefinite period:
• a one-off grant for the adjustment of the workplace to EUR 1000 according to the opinion of the ergotherapist;
• a grant to the Head of Work of EUR 10 for each management period of up to two months or up to six months if the type of disability of the worker is a mental disorder.

Detailed information is available on the website:
For persons with disabilities:

For employers:…

Process description

  1. Service requests
    Not later than one month after the commencement of the employment legal relationship, the employee with disabilities shall complete the application or the employer's form of application and submit it to the nearest branch of the SEA or send it electronically to the SEA branch e-mail if the application has been signed with a secure electronic signature.

  2. Processing
    The branch of the NVA shall examine the application of an employee with disabilities or the application of the employer and inform the employee with disabilities or employer regarding the decision taken.

  3. Receipt of services
    The following shall be ensured for an employee with disabilities:
    Surpass translator service (for persons with hearing disabilities);
    Support for a person's service (for persons with mental disabilities);
    Counselling of an ergotherapist for the assessment of the workplace.
    The employer shall ensure:
    A one-off grant for the adjustment of the workplace to EUR 1000, in accordance with the opinion of the ergotherapist;
    A monthly grant to the head of employment of the unemployed person with disabilities of EUR 10 per day of employment corresponding to the working days of the unemployed person.

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