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Objective of the measure:
1. to enable the unemployed person to certify the professional competence acquired during his or her life and to obtain a document certifying professional qualifications recognised by the State in passing the professional qualification examination;
2. increase competitiveness and increase the opportunity to integrate into the labour market.

Within the framework of the measure, the unemployed person has the possibility to receive financial compensation for the assessment of professional competence acquired outside the formal education system.

The assessment of professional competence acquired by an unemployed person outside the formal education system shall take place on the basis of the examination of the requirements specified by the relevant professional standard in the vocational qualification examination.

The professional competence of the unemployed person shall be evaluated by accredited educational institutions or accredited examination centres to which the State Service of Education has delegated to perform this task.

Detailed information is available at the… website.

Process description

  1. Description of the cooperation process
    The unemployed person shall perform an assessment of professional competence and shall pass a qualification examination. Makes payment for the service received, as applicable to 10.09.2013 The price list specified in BOM Regulation No 791. Submit an application with supporting documents to the Agency branch within 10 working days. The Agency shall examine the increased document and take a decision on the award of the remuneration.