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The aim of the measure is to promote short-term employment of pupils (aged between 15 and 20 years) during the summer holidays in public co-financed workplaces - providing young people with a practical picture of working life at school to know in good time what the CV, job interview, competitiveness, entering into a contract of employment, job responsibilities and working relationships are.

The pupil shall receive during the event:
• wages and salaries of at least national minimum wages for the full working time per month;
• support of the work manager;
• in cases specified in regulatory enactments - paid mandatory health examinations;
• insurance against accidents at work.

A pupil aged between 15 and 18 is employed for a maximum of seven hours a day and a maximum of 35 hours a week;

A pupil aged 18 to 20 years (inclusive) shall be employed for a maximum of eight hours a day and not more than 40 hours a week.

Students will be able to register for participation in the event electronically on the State Employment Agency's home page from the beginning of May to the middle of August.

Detailed information is available at the website.

Process description

  1. Enquiry step
    For summer work, the pupil must register electronically on the home page of the State Employment Agency.

    The employee of the State Employment Agency will contact the pupil and the pupil will have to go to the branch of the State Employment Agency to confirm his or her application, taking the personal identification document - passport or eID card and CV.

    We call on pupils to follow the list of vacancies on the home page of the State Employment Agency and to contact both the employer and the SEA employee at an appropriate vacancy to apply for the vacancy.

  2. The step
    A pupil at the branch of the State Employment Agency shall receive an appointment for summer work on a specific employer and shall be invited to an employment interview.

    A pupil participates in a job interview, concludes a contract of employment and starts working at the selected workplace.

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