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“Salaried temporary public works” (hereinafter REFERRED to as “salaried activities”) means an employment measure for the maintenance of employment skills and the development of social skills in temporary jobs created by the municipality which are designed without the intention of making a profit.
There is no need for special qualifications to perform temporary work.
The member receives a monthly remuneration of EUR 250,00 for temporary public employment.
Temporary public employment may be carried out by a person who:
• the SEA is registered as unemployed;
• do not receive unemployment benefits;
• wants to acquire or maintain working skills.
The duration of the engagement shall be 4 months over a 12-month period.
The event may also be re-involved.
The involvement IN THE HEARING shall take place in the order of registration of participants' applications or in accordance with the criteria laid down in the local government's binding rules, according to which participants are involved in the measure.

Process description

  1. Service requests
    The request for a service takes place at its SEA branch, indicating a willingness to participate in the event

  2. Receipt of an assignment
    The secondment shall take place at the invitation of the staff member of the branch of the Agency

  3. Entering into a contract
    The conclusion of a contract with the local government shall take place in a local government in which temporary employment is intended.

  4. Receipt of services
    The taking up and pursuit of temporary public employment. The work duties shall be communicated by the work manager; the member may meet his or her rights and duties in the Treaty with the participant.

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