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ESF project “Aid for the education of the unemployed” No

If you are unemployed, job seeker or at risk of unemployment, the State Employment Agency (NVA) offers a variety of competitiveness measures (KPP).
Under the active employment measure “Measures to boost competitiveness”, the job search methods, the basic skills needed for the labour market to boost competitiveness in the labour market can be learned, and participation in group lessons (courses and lectures). You can familiarise yourself with the KPP lesson plan by contacting the SEA branch. Contact details
E-teaching. Each interested party has the opportunity to acquire one of the e-training modules in order to increase competitiveness without visiting the NVA. The e-Learning Module is available at: authored through the portal
The e-learning modules' subject statements include theoretical explanation, audial-visual materials (images, video demonstrations, dialogue simulations, etc.) and self-testing capabilities. The time to acquire the material content of the e-Learning Module is not limited. At the end of the training, the test test must be performed, the timing of the response is not limited and the test test can be conducted several times.

More detailed information on the possibility of using the competitiveness measures will be available at the SEA branch close to your residence and at the website.

Process description

  1. Description of the cooperation process
    The unemployed person and the job seeker registers an application for a KPP event by writing an e-mail to the SEA branch or can apply via the SEA self-service portal
    Persons at risk of unemployment may apply to the NVA website