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Licence for the provision of work placement services, except for manning of the ship and services for employers for the selection of potential employees for work in Latvia.

More information can be consulted at the NVA website

Process description

  1. Submission of documents
    To submit an application, accompanied by documents required;
    Where shortcomings are identified, correct them in accordance with the guidelines of the State Employment Agency

  2. Payment of state fee
    In order to receive the service, the applicant shall pay the national fee of EUR 142,29 before submitting the application to the State Employment Agency.
    A national fee of EUR 14,23 shall be payable for the re-issue of a licence or the issuance of a duplicate licence.

    State Fee Properties:
    Treasury, TAIL NB. No 90000050138
    current account No. LV36TREL1060180921900

    The payment order must include the applicant's firm and the registration number for which the payment was made.

  3. Receipt of services
    The licence may be obtained in person or electronically (in e-mail).

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