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In the presence of the SEA and remotely implement the activation measure “Determination of professional fitness”, the aim of which is to promote the inclusion of unemployed people in society and placement in permanent work, ensuring the determination of professional fitness, providing recommendations regarding suitable work for the unemployed person, as well as the related active employment measures according to the state of the unemployed person. This measure shall be implemented by the NVA in cooperation with the State Social Inclusion Agency (SIVA).

Determination of professional fitness IN THE SIVA lasts up to 5 working days. The duration of the determination of professional fitness is determined on an individual basis during the consultation process, assessing the past knowledge, capacity and skills of the client and the motivation to return to the labour market by SIVA specialists.

A professional fitness assessment service shall be provided to the participants in the event THAT A team of SIVA specialists in individual interviews and group work shall find out:

• the interest of the unemployed person in the fields of professional activity, specific professions;
• vocational education programmes;
• motivation to engage in the labour market and to learn;
• the compliance of the state of health with the profession acquired or selected;
• the level of intellectual capacity to predict the capacity to engage in the labour market and to acquire a teaching substance;
• psychophysiological characteristics, their relevance to the chosen profession;
• assess past knowledge and experience of the unemployed person;
• the ability to learn, understand, perceive and memorize the young.

The participants of the measure shall:

• ensure transportation from the place of residence or the branch of the SEA to the place of establishment of professional fitness and return or compensate for transport costs;
• provide catering and living in a service hotel.

Detailed information is available on the website.

Process description

  1. Service requests
    1. Contact the SEA branch and express a willingness to participate in the event.
    2. The time of participation with the employee of the NVA branch should be reconciled

  2. Receipt of services
    1. An individual job search plan should be received from the employment organiser of the NVA branch.

    2. When you go to SIVA, you must take the following:
    • identity card (passport or eID card);
    • shipment issued by the employment organiser of the SEA branch
    • the opinion of the family doctor (U27), which contains the basic diagnosis code and an indication of the absence of medical contraindications for the service. The opinion must have been issued not earlier than one month before the submission of the documents;
    • an individual rehabilitation plan prepared by the treating physician (copy), if the person has a predictable disability;
    • evidence of education;
    • a document certifying the change of name if the given name is changed;
    • other documents to be informed by the SEA Employment Organiser

    3. If to use public transport or personal means of transport for access TO THE SIVA the possibility to submit an application to the NVA and to receive compensation for transport costs

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