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ESF project “Aid for the education of the unemployed” No

The Agency of the State of Employment (hereinafter - the Agency) shall enable the unemployed to receive a training coupon and to participate in:

1. the acquisition of vocational training programmes enabling the acquisition of professional qualifications. After the acquisition of the relevant programme, the unemployed person shall take a professional qualification examination. A professional qualification certificate shall be issued to an unemployed person who has passed a professional qualification examination;

2. in the acquisition of vocational development education programmes, which enables the development of their professional skills and the learning of systematised professional knowledge and skills that meet changing labour market requirements. A vocational training certificate shall be issued to the unemployed person who has acquired the development programme.

The acquisition of further vocational training and development education for the unemployed shall be organised and financed by the Agency. The unemployed is provided with a stipendium of EUR 5.00 per training day for the duration of training. If the training place is at least 15 km away from the declared place of residence (except for Riga, the exception for Riga does not apply if the declared place of residence is outside Riga), the unemployed person can apply for a mobility allowance at the Agency Local office.
The procedures for the costs, granting of unemployment grants and payment of mobility allowance are specified in Cabinet Regulation No. 75, Regulations regarding the Procedures for the Organising and Financing of Active Employment Measures and Preventive Measures for the Reduction of Unemployment and the Principles for the Choice of Measures.

With a more detailed description of the event, the necessary documentation can be found on our website.

Process description

  1. Description of the cooperation process
    The unemployed person chooses an educational programme; the SEA registers the application and invites to receive a Coupon; Within 10 working days, the unemployed person applies for participation in the selected training group independently or from the list offered by the SEA; prior to commencing training, he or she shall enter into a contract with the SEA regarding participation in the acquisition of the Professional Programme.