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ESF project "Subsidised jobs for the unemployed" No

The State Employment Agency (hereinafter - SEA), in cooperation with natural and legal persons, organises the creation of subsidised workplaces, in which unemployed persons of the target group are employed on an equal basis.

Purpose of the support measure:

The aim of the Wage Subsidy Support Measure (hereinafter 'the Measure') is to employ the unemployed in publicly co-financed jobs to help the unemployed overcome the effects of the emergency situation on the labour market and to facilitate the placement of the unemployed in permanent employment. The measure is implemented within the framework of the ESF project "Subsidised jobs for the unemployed" No

Target group

The SEA engages the unemployed who are not participating in active employment measures involving the conclusion of an employment contract and who have not been employed by the relevant employer in the last two months prior to participation in the Measure or have not previously been employed by the relevant employer under the Measure or the active employment measure “Measures for certain groups of persons” The duration of employment in the Measure is 6 months, but the employment contract with the unemployed person is concluded for at least 3 months longer than the duration of the unemployed person's employment in the Measure, maintaining the occupation defined for the unemployed person in the Measure and maintaining at least the monthly wage defined for the unemployed person in the Measure.

The SEA compensates the unemployed person for the costs of health examinations provided for in the normative acts on the procedure for compulsory health examinations, if they are carried out before the commencement of the employment relationship, but not more than EUR 50. Reimbursement shall be requested by submitting an application to the Branch.

How can an unemployed person get involved?

  • Read the conditions for participation in the Measure;
  • In the Branch where you are registered, contact your employment agent to apply for the Measure or apply via the SEA e-services portal
  • Inform the person in charge of the Measure about the profession you want to work in during the Measure;
  • The employee responsible for the Measure will assess your eligibility for the Measure and, if eligible, will register your application for the Measure;
  • The employee in charge of the Measure will inform you about the possibility of joining the Measure in the occupation you have indicated and you will have to go for a job interview with the employer;
  • You have the right to agree with your employer on the establishment of an employment relationship within the framework of the Measure by submitting a mutually agreed application to the Branch;
  • Before you join the Measure, you will be given information about the Measure, which will give you an overview of the rights and obligations of the unemployed person and the employer during the Measure.
  • You are entitled to reimbursement of up to €50 for health checks provided for in the laws and regulations on compulsory health checks, if the health check was carried out before the employment relationship started. The reimbursement is claimed at the time of participation in the Measure, by submitting the appropriate application to the SEA.