ESF project No "Support for Education of the Unemployed"

REACT-EU grant for reducing effects of crisis caused by Covid-19 pandemic

 In order to promote continuous improvement of knowledge and skills of individuals at risk of unemployment, increasing their competitiveness on the labour market, the State Employment Agency (SEA), within the framework of the European Social Fund project "Support for Education of the Unemployed", will soon launch a new training measure "Training of Persons at Risk of Unemployment (Lifelong Learning)". This will also allow employees and the self-employed who are at risk of unemployment to study with the financial support of the SEA.

People at risk of unemployment will be able to learn the official language, English, computer skills, passenger car and tractor driving. The training will be delivered using the voucher method. As the training will also be open to people with job, it will take place in the evenings or on weekends and will have a longer training period than for clients who are unemployed.

The training costs will be covered by ESF project No "Support for Education of the Unemployed".

 The first to start will be those who need to master the official language and English language programmes, as well as driving passenger cars and tractors. Then, those who want to learn computer skills.