Project No. „ Support for Longer Working Life”


The objective of this support measure is to facilitate employment and competitiveness of older employees in order to mitigate their unemployment. Thus it is a preventive measure dedicated to the employed individuals.
Any employer, who employs persons older than 50, may apply for participation in the measure, provided that at least one of these criteria is met:


  1. The employee’s health has recently deteriorated to point where they no longer are able to perform their duties.
  2. The employee has not attained higher education level than general or vocational secondary education or is employed in low skilled jobs despite having higher education.
  3. The employee is unable to work normal hours due to having to care for a family member.
  4. The employee works part-time and has income below 80% of the minimum wage.


To implement the project a team of experts will assess work environment to provide the employer with aging management plan detailing results of the assessment, including reports on each employee of the target group, and suggest a plan of action.
The following support will be provided to the employees:


  • Career consultation
  • Mentoring - the elderly employee will either become a mentor to another employee or be mentored by another employee themselves. A subsidy will be provided to compensate mentor for their time (no more than half of the minimum wage for no more than two weeks)
  • Measures to rise competitiveness by taking part in individual and group activities aimed at improving person’s skills or health.
  • Adjusting workplace in accordance with ergotherapist’s recommendations. The employer will be able to receive a subsidy of no more than 711€ per each workplace.
  • Health improvement activities as recommended for each employee in their individual assessment. Costs of medical care will be covered for up to 250€ per person.