Registration of vacancies in the State Employment Agency provides the following possibilities to the employer:
Free registration of vacancies and search the necessary employees to the largest data base of CV/Vacancies covering all districts of Latvia.

  • Access to the largest data base of job seekers and unemployed persons in Latvia as well as to EURES, the common European Union data base of job seekers;
  • Provides a possibility to maximise speed and efficiency of informing particular groups of job seekers about demand in the labour market;
  • Assistance in organisation of personnel selection since the responsible agency staff contacts the employer at least once in two weeks in order to  verify the success of the agency service used by the employer;
  • A possibility to receive assistance from the Agency in organising the primary selection of the candidates;
  • Search of suitable candidates in the whole territory of Latvia as well as, at the employer’s request, in the European Union and European Economic Area or Switzerland;
  • A possibility to receive free assistance from the Agency in personnel selection.


If the employer plans to employ a third state citizen, the announcement of the vacancy must be registered in a SEA local office. See contact information of SEA local offices for announcing of vacancies.

Description of services

The employer registers the vacancies in the State Employment Agency. A vacancy can be registered by visiting a local office of the Agency in person, by telephone or electronically in the CV/Vacancies portal. To obtain information on the status of the registered vacancies, local offices of the Agency at least once in two weeks contact the employers to confirm the status of the vacancies or remove them from data base if these vacancies have been filled.

The employer may choose the type of vacancy:

  • Open vacancy if the employer allows the candidate to contact the employer directly and agrees to publish the vacancy;
  • Partly closed vacancy if the employer wishes to contact the candidate using the agency as a mediator and agrees to publish the vacancy;
  • Closed vacancy if the employer wishes to receive help from the agency in selection of candidates but does not agree to publish information on the vacancy.

At the employer’s request the agency staff selects the personnel from the unemployed and job seekers in two ways:

  • The agency staff select the most suitable employee (-s) and send them to the employer who makes a decision on hiring the unemployed person (-s);
  • The agency staff at first selects the candidate (-s) most suitable for the vacancies announced by the employer. Then a meeting of the employer and the unemployed person (-s) is organised and next stage of selection takes place.

If the employer only wishes to inform the unemployed persons about a vacancy, this information can be published in the CV / Vacancies portal of the SEA web page. In this case the vacancy can be seen in the internet and information on the vacancy will be provided to unemployed persons visiting the local offices of the Agency.

The employer also has a possibility:

  • To place the vacancy in the EURES data base. This information is sent to job seekers in all states of the European Union, the European Economic Area and Switzerland;
  • To use the EURES CV data base for search and selection of candidates;
  • To receive direct support from EURES consultants in order to find employees in other states of the European Union and the European Economic Area.

Additional information on registration of vacancies and selection of personnel is available in the nearest local office of the SEA.