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 Summary of the project „Support to the education of unemployed people” No.

Sub-activity of the operational program, within which ESF funding is granted

Specific objective 7.1.1. of the operational program “Growth and Employment” is “To raise the qualifications and skills of unemployed according to the labour market demands”.


The State Employment Agency of Latvia
K. Valdemāra street 38 k – 1, Riga, LV – 1010

Place of implementation

The territory of the Republic of Latvia

Period of implementation

January 2015 – December 2021


The project aims to encourage the unemployed and job seekers in the labor market, by providing support 81,011 unemployed and job seekers to increase competitiveness, vocational training, retraining, improvement of professional skills, non-formal education and professional competence in acquiring at least.


During the project implementation, the following active employment measures are offered to the unemployed people of the target group:
  • vocational training, re-training and skill development, which includes continuing professional education programs, providing a chance to the unemployed to acquire professional qualification and professional development programs, which makes it possible for the unemployed to improve their professional skills and to master the systematic professional knowledge and skills appropriate to the changing labor market requirements;
  • acquisition of non-formal education programs, which includes acquiring of systematic social and professional basic skills appropriate for the changing labor market requirements, the organization of final examinations, including language proficiency test and vehicle and tractor driver’s license examinations;
  • training at the employer is organized for the practical preparation of a staff for a specific profession;
  • competitiveness improvement measures, which include individual counseling and group sessions (courses, seminars, lectures and other activities) for acquiring job search methods, receiving psychological support and acquiring basic skills necessary for the labor market.

In order to improve the availability of project activities, in addition to the above mentioned activities, the unemployed are provided with support for regional mobility.
During training, the unemployed are provided with a scholarship of EUR 100 per calendar month.

Target group

The target group is unemployed people and job seekers registered in the State Employment Agency, especially the ones with a low level of skills and qualifications inadequate for the labor market.


The total project costs are 91 481 903,17 EUR, including:
  • ESF funding 77 759 609,51 EUR;
  • State budget funding 11 560 667,66 EUR;
  • Private co-funding 2 161 626,00 EUR.

Expected results

Outcome indicators
  • 80640 – unemployed people who have received support, including long-term unemployed people (until 31 December, 2018 – 42 000), including the ones over 50 years – 27513 (until 31 December, 2018– 14500).
Result indicators:
  • 23224 – participants who have gained a qualification immediately after participating in the training;
  • 21773 – employed participants 6 months after the event.
Appendices Scorecard of project objectives (on 30.06.2017)

Contact person:
Edīte Bratka
Department of EU fund projects
project manager of the project “Support to the education of the unemployed”
Phone: 26640881

Related documents:
Regulations No. 75 of 25 January, 2011 of the Cabinet of Ministers “The Regulation on the procedure of organizing and funding the active employment measures and preventive unemployment reduction measure, and on the principles of the activity organizer’s choices” and the Regulations No. 836 of 23 December, 2014 of the Cabinet of Ministers “Specific objective 7.1.1. of the operational program “Growth and Employment” “To raise the qualifications and skills of unemployed according to the labour market demands” implementation regulations”.