What is the CV/Vacancies Portal?

NVA offers the widest database of job seekers in Latvia, and the option to register vacancies. It is available here (in latvian).

In the CV/Vacancies Portal you can:

  • Create your professional resume or CV (can be made available to employers);
  • Publish your CV in the portal;
  • Search for available vacancies in Latvia by various parameters;
  • Use the portal free of charge.

The personal data published in the portal is protected by the Personal Data Protection Law. Advertisements published in the CV/Vacancies Portal cannot be republished for commercial purposes without the permission of SEA.

How to register?

Registering in the CV/Vacancies Portal allows you to publish your CV and apply to the available vacancies free of charge.

In the section Register as a Job Seeker fill in your data (name, last name, personal code), as well as the authorisation information (user name, e-mail, password) that is required to create and publish your CV and apply the vacancies.

After registration go to the section Authorise in the System and enter your registered user name and password.

How to create CV?

Once you’ve registered in the CV/Vacancies Portal you can create your own CV that can later be edited if necessary. To do this, first fill in the sections: basic information, preferable occupation, education, work experience, languages, additional.

How to search for vacancies?

In CV/Vacancies Portal you can search for vacancies based on the preferable employment field, geographical region, workload, as well as publication time and other parameters.

For additional information about CV/Vacancies Portal visit any of 25 Local Employment Offices of SEA.