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Starting from 1 July 2021 State Employment Agency will be serving registered clients in person at all branch offices, provided that the client has a consultation scheduled in their individual job seeking plan. 

Three days before the scheduled appointment client will receive SMS reminder about the planned consultation. The client can also learn when the appointment is scheduled by browsing their profile on SEA's CV and vacancies portal or by calling the toll-free information hotline 80200206.

The clients will be served in-person at branch offices only, if they have a scheduled appointment, and in accordance with epidemiological safety precautions!

The client is required to arrive for the appointment exactly on time and must enter office only when invited in. While on SEA's premises wearing a face mask and observing social distance of two metres is required. It is recommended to bring your own pen. 

Registration for the status of unemployed person or a job seeker and career consultations will still be available only as remote services. 

To learn more about acquiring status of unemployed person click here and to learn more about acquiring status of a job seeker click here. If the client cannot register electronically application can be dropped in the mailbox of the branch office. 

To sign up for career consultation call or write to the nearest SEA branch office, contacts can be found on SEA's website in Latvian Registered unemployed persons and job seekers may also sign up from their profile on CV and vacancies portal.

Any person can receive the following consultations online or by phone:

  • Writing CV and cover letter (individual and group consultations)
  • Informative support in job seeking (individual consultations)
  • Preparing for a job interview (individual and group consultations)
  • Career testing and assessment (individual consultations)
  • Changing profession (individual consultations)
  • Labor market and trends (group consultations)
  • Basics of career development and choosing a profession (group consultations)
  • Skill assessment (individual consultations)
  • Developing skills of remote work (group consultations)

Requirements for participating in a remote career consultation: phone or a computer with internet connection, e-mail and ability to open Microsoft Word and PDF documents. 

The in-person service was stopped in November of 2020 due to restrictions intended to limit the spread of Covid-19.