Nodarbinātības valsts aģentūras direktore Evita Simsone
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On 15th December remote meeting of directors of Baltic employment services is taking place. The director of Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund M. Paavel, the director of Latvian State employment agency E. Simsone, and the director of Lithuanian Employment services I. Balnanosienė will discuss cooperation this year and plan activities that will take place next year in accordance with the treaty of cooperation between employment services of Baltic states.

E. Simsone thanked Estonian and Lithuanian colleagues for regular and fast exchange of information on the unemployment situation in their countries and new services being offered: "This year the employment services of Baltic states have worked as a strategic team, encouraging each other and finding opportunities not only to inform, but also to learn from each other, even in these times of uncertainty."

The treaty of cooperation between employment services of Baltic states ensures partnership in exchanging information, competencies and the best practices, as well as employment services. Baltic state employment services cooperate in developing strategy, ensuring effectiveness of services and forecasting trends in the employment market, information is exchanged on new work methods, developing digital services and the use of modern technologies. Every year employment services of the three countries organise joint training of employees, learning visits and experience exchange events.

At the end of every year heads of employment services of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania meet to set the agenda for the next year. In 2021 strategic priorities are expected to be experience exchange on human resources and internal communication strategy, IT solutions and their use in everyday work of employment services, support for disadvantaged groups, as well as information exchange on new work methods, innovative ideas and everyday practice to ensure effective work of employment services.

In the next year it is planned to continue cooperation between the leaders and experts of employment services in areas important to employment services, including overcoming the effects of Covid-19 pandemic on the employment market. In the February Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund will hold a workshop on human resources and internal communication strategy, Latvian State employment agency is planning to hold a workshop on use of Artificial Intelligence in everyday work of employment services, in the November Lithuanian Employment services will hold experience exchange workshop dedicated to cooperation with employers and taking into account their unique needs.