On December 10 department heads and branch office managers of State employment agency met online with the popular Latvian journalist Ina Strazdiņa, who spoke with them about her work in the media and her experiences as a foreign news reporter in Brussels and in other hotspots of the World. The role of the media and its importance in informing the public was discussed.

Ina Strazdiņa has worked for multiple Latvian media. She started her career in the regional newspaper “Talsu Vēstis”. Later Strazdiņa worked for the Latvian Radio's News Service. In 2006 she became the Latvian radio's correspondent in Brussels, also creating reports for the Latvian Television and newspaper “Latvijas Avīze”. Since 2019 Ina Strazdina is the foreign news editor for the Latvian Television's News Service and is one of the anchors for foreign news broadcast “Pasaules Panorāma”.

In 2001 Ina Strazdiņa received the Latvian Union of Journalists' prize "Hope of journalism". In 2009 she was named European of the Year in Latvia. In 2012 Strazdiņa received the Cicero Award (awarded annually for achievements in public communication) for purposeful contribution in journalism.​