Foto: Nodarbinātības valsts aģentūras direktore Evita Simsone

The director of State employment agency Evita Simsone awarded the Certificate of Recognition for the contribution in fostering cooperation between Baltic public employment services to the chairman of the board of Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund Meelis Pavel.

"We are grateful to Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund for the advice and experience the organization has shared that has helped the State Employment Agency to grow and improve and be able to provide increasingly better services to both employers and job seekers," said E. Simsone.

In accordance with the partnership agreement between the Baltic public employment services, public employment services of the Baltic states meet each year to share experience and information regarding the improvement of services and current trends in the labor market. The public employment services of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania also cooperate in strategic development, improving efficiency and forecasting trends in the labor market, as well as share information on new work methods, e-service development and the use of digital technologies in public employment services.

"The Baltic public employment services are working together as a strategic team and even in the current conditions that require working remotely, we are actively cooperating both on managerial and on employee level. We organize online trainings to discuss the current issues, share experiences and learn from each other." reveals E. Simsone

In 2021 State employment agency celebrated its 30th anniversary. The Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund will mark the 20th anniversary of its establishment next year.