NVA direktore Evita Simsone

On 20 January, Evita Simsone, Director of the State Employment Agency (SEA) is participating in the conference "Women4IT: Path towards gender equality in digital" to discuss working together towards bridging the gender gap in tech and inform about good practice on public-private partnerships.

Within the framework of the Public-Private Partnership, the SEA and the European Network of Public Employment Services (PES) develop joint projects and services, cooperate with different associations and trade unions, share the best practice, explore the needs of different sectors, pilot new approaches and ideas, and implement changes that have a practical impact on the labor market.

In cooperation with the private sector, the SEA has successfully implemented digital skills training - non-formal education for the unemployed and jobseekers, vocational training for the unemployed, and training courses on online platforms not only for the unemployed and registered jobseekers but also the employed. 

Partnerships with the private sector have fostered new ideas, raised public awareness, increased the visibility of PES, and provided opportunities to bring problematic and challenging issues to the public agenda and find practical approaches how to solve them, clients have benefited from variety of services and their adjustment to the needs of different target groups and for the society in general, and employment services have become more open and agile as work done together multiplies the outcomes and brings in new cooperation partners.

Women4IT is an initiative, which aims to empower young women across Europe to become part of the digital economy by providing fully funded, individually tailored digital skills training reflecting current market needs. 

The conference will explore ways to engage young women into the digital sector,  the current situation of women in technology, boosting youth employment in Europe, and ways of working together across sectors to make this vision a reality. Women4IT will look back at the last three years and reveal goals for 2022 and beyond. The conference will conclude with presenting the first Women4IT Awards, recognizing the work of employers, agencies, and other organizations who have significantly contributed to the Women4IT initiative and continue to support our work.

NVA direktore Evita Simsone piedās starptautiskajā konferencē “Women4IT: Path towards gender equality in digital”